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School Program Support Solutions for Thai Schools

Icon Group is a full-service English Program consulting service that provides a school with all the tools and support to deliver their program in a cost-effective way while allowing the school to maintain control of their program’s direction.

Icon Group also offers teacher screening and recruiting, as well as training, services for your program.  The teacher will work for the school directly but Icon Group will fill the teaching position throughout the academic school year for free if the teacher must leave.

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for Recruitment or a Full Service School Program Support Contract.

Icon Recruit screens, interviews, and provides schools a digital teacher portfolio to review and approve teachers from around the world for their school.

  • Teacher Bio

  • Teacher CV

  • Degree (legalized)

  • Certificates

  • References

  • Introduction Video

  • Interview Video

All Icon teachers recruited or working in Icon iLearn full service school support receive free professional development training in the following areas:

  • Thai Culture and Language
  • Classroom Management
  • Grading and Assessment
  • Teacher Planning
  • Teaching Methods
  • Teaching with Technology
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If you would like to learn more how Icon Recruit can help you, contact us for a no obligation demo of Thai EP program support services.

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Different Levels of Support for Any School Needs

Our services provide different levels of support based on your school needs but all levels of support come with a teacher replacement guarantee.

Contact Us to learn more or discuss a Term of Reference (ToR) for your school.


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In a connected world, digital resources provide easier, faster, and more affordable access and collaboration of teams through upgraded digital hardware. Icon provides efficient solutions for leveraging technology.


Managing learning resources properly allows access to valuable information for better results, deeper understanding, and increased engagement.  Icon applications personalize learning to be more accessible and efficient.