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An "Out-of-the-Book" Experience

with Video, Simulations, AR, and VR

Icon Practically provides a unique "out-of-the-book experience that brings concepts, experiments, and labs alive in the classroom or from the comfort of home.
It combines the power of 
  • 1000s of 3D videos, simulations, AR, VR
  • AI for learning recommendations
  • Assessment features for feedback.
  • Virtual classrooms for live or in-class courses.
all under one app!

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Products and Features
Virtual Classroom
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For the EXPLORER in you!
First experiential app with thousands of experience through a single app interface

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Human resources is a critical component of employee well-being and mission success. Icon provides integrated systems for seamless management of your workforce talent.


In a connected world, digital resources provide easier, faster, and more affordable access and collaboration of teams through upgraded digital hardware. Icon provides efficient solutions for leveraging technology.


Managing learning resources properly allows access to valuable information for better results, deeper understanding, and increased engagement.  Icon applications personalize learning to be more accessible and efficient.