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AI-Powered Employee Workforce 
Connectivity & Learning Experience Platform 

Icon Disprz fosters a strong culture of development, encouraging employee engagement across multiple layers, including social workplace interactions and the content you create.

Equip your employees with our comprehensive, skill-based mobile training system to cultivate and improve employees’ knowledge and prepare them for their next roles, each personalized for different industry and role.

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Workforce Connectivity
Upskilling and Career
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Harness the power of 360-degree skill-building

Equip your employees with our comprehensive, skill-based mobile training system to 

  • Grow employees’ knowledge and prepare them for their next roles.

  • Quickly improve employees’ everyday tasks with highly-engaging, practical lessons.

  • Cultivate functional, digital, and behavioral skills, personalized for each industry and role.


Bite-sized micro-learning training modules for self-paced learning.


Schedule and conduct live webinars on “Disprz Live”.


Classroom module (ILT) tool for all classroom training/workshops.

Get a personalized learning journey tailored to each team member’s needs.  Manage the skills development for all employees without relying on multiple platforms and learning tools.  Access over 50,000 courses from the leading course providers including Go1, Edx, Coursera, and more.


 Employee Careers Accelerated


Training Modules 









Human resources is a critical component of employee well-being and mission success. Icon provides integrated systems for seamless management of your workforce talent.


In a connected world, digital resources provide easier, faster, and more affordable access and collaboration of teams through upgraded digital hardware. Icon provides efficient solutions for leveraging technology.


Managing learning resources properly allows access to valuable information for better results, deeper understanding, and increased engagement.  Icon applications personalize learning to be more accessible and efficient.