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What We Do

Transforming organizations through technology-driven solutions to empower individuals.

Icon Group provides individualized strategies to corporate and education sectors in Thailand and throughout Southeast Asia.  We support our corporate clients with tailored digital platforms for corporate workforce management and training.  We assist our education partners with integrated education systems to provide engaging learning experiences and supportive teaching solutions.

Corporate Sector

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Education Sector

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We provide digital platforms to enhance organizational systems and engage stakeholders.

Our Values:
Embrace creative solutions. 
Focus on useful technologies.
Support organizational change. 
Recognize organizational culture.
Achieve client goals.
Icon believes any solution offered should be:
Simple:  Easy to implement and use. 
Useful:   Provide a needed solution.
Flexible:  Adapt to individual needs. 
Cost-effective:   Value-added at a reasonable price.

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The founder and CEO of Icon Group, Michael G. Hines, discusses making an impact in education through technology.

If you would like to learn more how Icon Group can help you, contact us for a no obligation demo of our solutions.

Explore the Benefits


Human resources is a critical component of employee well-being and mission success. Icon provides integrated systems for seamless management of your workforce talent.


In a connected world, digital resources provide easier, faster, and more affordable access and collaboration of teams through upgraded digital hardware. Icon provides efficient solutions for leveraging technology.


Managing learning resources properly allows access to valuable information for better results, deeper understanding, and increased engagement.  Icon applications personalize learning to be more accessible and efficient.

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